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Kamis, 03 April 2008

Creative dota hero

Khain, God's Right Hand by Beutrano

Theme: 11/20
Only the ultimate really feels Godly. Not having a story hurts. Passive skills never, ever go first.

Functionality of Abilities: 12/20
1st skill: 2/5
Smells like Team Spirit Nirvana Stout Shield. The two effects seem to do the same thing.
2nd skill: 5/5

3rd skill: 2/5
Knockback + Stun = Pissed off enemies. 450 range is massive.
Ultimate: 3/5
Okay, it's cool, but it reminds me a lot of Shallow Grave, and a three minute cooldown does not make this spell very useful.

Balance: 3/5
Knockback and Stun on skill 3 is way too much.
Overall presentation of the HI: 3/5
Most of it's colourful, but it kinda loses it towards the end. No real colour theme.
Total: 33/50


Daimyo, the Makrura King by Goblins

Theme: 20/20

Functionality of Abilities: 18/20
1st skill: 5/5

2nd skill: 5/5

3rd skill: 5/5

Ultimate: 3/5
The "adding 3 seconds to negative buffs" could be quite difficult to do, and at the very least, annoying.

Balance: 5/5

Overall presentation of the HI: 5/5

Total: 48/50


Li'l Timmy, the Demented Toymaster by Kodiak Teddy

Theme: 20/20

Functionality of Abilities: 17/20
1st skill: 3.5/5
Reminds me a bit of Toss. That can't really be helped. Cool skill, though.
2nd skill: 3.5/5
O hai, Storm Seeker! The Cooldown appears to be less than the duration for level 4; I don't know whether that was intentional or not, but it could make problems.
3rd skill: 5/5

Ultimate: 5/5

Balance: 4/5
It doesn't make sense, having highly melee-centric spells on a ranged Intelligence hero with abysmal Strength.

Overall presentation of the HI: 3/5
Colour scheme is kinda painful, but at least you have one.
Total: 44/50


Jodore, the Grand Magician by xzuw

Theme: 20/20

Functionality of Abilities: 17/20
1st skill: 3/5
Whoah, extremely complicated.

2nd skill: 5/5

3rd skill: 4/5
Again, very complicated

Ultimate: 5/5

Balance: 5/5

Overall presentation of the HI: 5/5

Total: 47/50


Khain, God's Right Hand: 33/50
Daimyo, the Makrura King: 48/50
Li'l Timmy, the Demented Toymaster: 44/50
Jodore, the Grand Magician: 47/50

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Daimyo the Makrura king, Pistol shrimps are Cool creatures


Snaps of thunder once ruled the seas
Oceans were conquered and lakes were seized
By a mighty ruler with a face of a weakling
But this giant shrimp, in the waters was a king

But this crustacean was never satisfied
He wanted the land or where the birds would glide
Once he stepped into land and out of his lair
He noticed that his skills were stronger in air

He wanted to rage a war to resemble his essence
But a war was a foot and was indeed in his presence
He joined one of the sides not caring who they were
Not knowing he took the side where peace was sundered

So as the war between the dead and elves went along
The elves kept wondering how their fairy tale went wrong.

Stats & Attributes

Affiliation: scourge l Range: 128 | Move Speed: 300 | Primary: STR
Str: 22 + 2.5 | Agi: 12 + 1.4 | Int: 16 + 1.8
Damage: 46 - 56 | HP: 568 | Mana: 208
HP Regen: 0.9 | Mana Regen: 0.65
Attack Speed: 1.5 (+ 12% IAS) | Armor: 2.7


Thunder Snaps
(Right click to auto-cast)
Every shot Daimiyo delivers causes a small sonic boom in random directions. Each shockwave can go at a range of 800 units. Lets out two shockwaves at different directions if “Crusted claws” activate. Once this skill is learned, Daimiyo is able to attack trees. Trees will be destroyed after 3 shots.

ability type: Auto cast, active
range: none
AoE: Line
mana cost: 50
duration: none
cooldown: 3/2/1/0

lvl1= 40 damage
lvl2= 60 damage
lvl3= 80 damage
lvl4= 100 damage

Attacks that are directed to Daimiyo can cause his shell to create an eerie crackling sound that purges positive buffs on the attacking enemy unit and slows enemies.

ability type: Self buff, passive
range: none
AoE: 500
mana cost: none
duration: 2sec
cooldown: none

lvl1= 5% chance to trigger, purge slows 5%
lvl2= 10% chance to trigger, purge slows 10%
lvl3= 15% chance to trigger, purge slow 15%
lvl4= 20% chance to trigger, purge slows 20%

Crusted Claws
Daimiyo’s claws are covered with brittle spikes that launches when Daimiyo attacks with a strong force. Gives a chance for Daimiyo’s attack to launch spikes at random enemies or trees within 300 AoE. As long as there are enemies in the area the spikes will neglect striking trees.

ability type: Self buff, passive
range: none
AoE: 300
mana cost: none
duration: none
cooldown: none

lvl1= 5% chance to trigger, 90 damage
lvl2= 10% chance to trigger, 110 damage
lvl3= 15% chance to trigger, 130 damage
lvl4= 20% chance to trigger, 150 damage

Pistol Snap
Creates a huge sonic boom that flies through whatever direction Daimiyo is facing at. The sound is so disgruntling that it promotes negative buffs on the enemy units hit by it.

ability type: Active, Instant
range: 2000
AoE: Line
mana cost: 250
duration: none
cooldown: 120

lvl1= 300 damage, Adds 1 sec to negative buffs on opponents
lvl2= 400 damage, Adds 2 sec to negative buffs on opponents
lvl3= 500 damage, Adds 3 sec to negative buffs on opponents


Very obvious, Germinate your attacks and the shock waves you make

since almost everyone attacking get slowed. Its really good to damage as much units as you can

The same as the above. But now you use them together

Extend the time purge to catch up to your enemies.

Attack the trees and activate crusted claws, equaling to random shockwaves that MIGHT hit your enemies.
Note: This is only used if your freakin' scared of gettin' too close to your


Battle Fury x2: Farm like no other.
Refresher orb: Hmm... lets see The longest stun that I know is Magnataur's combined with your Ulti x2 equaling to a 10 sec stun.
Radiance: Because of your slow radiance gains more time to settle in.
Arcane ring: Since you Depend on mana youll need this alot
Ginsoo: 6.5 sec Hex?! FTW!




Heroes who gives nega-buffs

Final Words
This Hero was inspired by this magnificent creature The Pistol Shrimp
The first pic with the cute lobster aint mine, Its made by thinktankbob from deviant art

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Skvid's Lich guide

Skill Build - 9/10
About Frost Armour, will you still add it even if majority of opponents are spell casting based and are ranged? If just the slow is important and with aforementioned opponent heroes, would you just add 1 level of Armour?

Item Build - 17/25
What is Dagger used for? Before/after the nerf? Is it still viable now? Wards? When to buy them? Do I prioritise Wards over Mekansm/Soul booster? Can Lich really farm that much that Rf Orb and Shiva become available? Lich with Shiva is kinda redundant since he has a whole arsenal of slows and armour from both Mekansm and Frost armour.

Strategy - 19/30

Early game- He can gank well, why not? No wards early? On laning, besides the harassing with Nova, what about normal attacks? Should I last hit or should I let my partner have the creeps?

Mid game- If you're using Dagger, when to use it? Push or not when you have the chance?

Late game- What do I do in huge clashes? When to cast Chain Frost when there are sooooo many units around? Which hero gets Frost armour priority? Spamming Mekansm whenever possible? I don't think so.

Good allies/Bad enemies section too general.


Presentation - 3/10

The sections are jumbled up with items in strategy and strategy in items. Rune guide pops out of no where. Some parts can be summarised better.

Extra - 5/15

Rather inactive. Hasn't been updated in a while. Rune/ward guides + screens are quite well done.

Total - 53/90 > 59%

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Rikimaru the Assassin's Stone Giant guide

Skill build - 7/10

Getting Grow at 6 also can get kills due to high damage. Toss damage increases, last hitting gets even easier. Craggy Exterior at 10-14 won't help much as melee carries aren't that potent during that stage, and Tiny benefits greatly from stats.

Item build- 15/25

Arcane is possible.
Shiva's is more inclined to caster/support while Cuirass supplements Tiny's late game. Tiny with Shiva's can't do shit late game besides slowing opponents(besides Ava/toss). Heart? Centaur doesn't get Heart, at least not until he has AC,Hood, Dagger,BoT,Radiance. Tiny's str growth is mighty fine already so Heart is more or less not so important. Butterfly? It's awesome although expensive.
With the change in Linken any hero can get it. Not just Tiny. Not getting IAS on Tiny is like not getting mana for Earthshaker, they both can do what they should, but they can't do it well. Hood is.. meh on Tiny. It works better on heroes like Cent/BB.

Strategy - 22/30

No mention of solo? Tiny can gank as early as 3/4, not 9. Tiny's base damage is huge, so what do I do with it?
Farming should only be done with last hitting. Using spells would be for clearing a rather large group of creeps. Tiny needs to farm, but not as much as your team's carry. Whenever he isn't ganking he should be farming in a lane.
How fast a hero pushes has nothing to do with how fast he farms. Farming fast is a gold/time ratio. Pushing is distance/time. Besides, you can't support spamming spells every wave. And no... Tiny should never ward unless absolutely necessary.


Presentation - 8/10

I like the short paragraphs. Not a pain. However you contradict yourself in many statements. Some parts are a bit long winded like technical moves. Some redundant stuff too.

Extra - 8/15

The videos are good for techniques. However you have been MIA for some time so.... sad.gif

Total - 60/90 > 67%

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Elkay's Templar Assassin guide

Skill build - 7/10 Psi blades at level 1 does nothing but waste a skill slot. 40 range can save you from orbwalkers? No way. Meld to maxed out asap due to it being a very strong 'nuke' esp against nukers like you mentioned. Item build - 21/25 The core build is good, but for Dagger, is it still viable for escape? You have 2 spells that negate damage and provide invisibility so can Dagger help in those situations? Radiance? Better gotten on tanks and early as well. Meh, Yasha /S&Y don't work well on Lanaya. As for Orb effects, Desolator is the choice item, the rest are just inferior in terms of DPS. Manta is a no, cuz your images don't get Refraction nor Meld nor Psi Blades(not sure) Strategy - 28/30 Very indepth and well done. Just 2 things- Lanaya can solo quite well due to Refraction. Of course, use it at discretion. Perhaps add it? Nothing about team battles and what to do in them. Like where/when to trap...etc I think you think that you have covered this in pushing but no.. you haven't. Replays - Presentation - 10/10 So nice. I love short paragraphs cuz I hate reading walls of text like this review. Extra - 11/15 Update needed. No replay. Trap guide is good. So are the screens. Total -77/90 > 85%

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Baconzilla and Somefella's guide to Skeleton King

Skill build - 10/10 I can't find anything to pick on. Item Build - 22/25 No, no. Satanic is just pure lameness on Leoric. As extension item there are so many better items than Satanic. You have stated BoT > Treads in every way so I believe just stick with BoT. Strategy - 26/30 Redundant stuff in techniques. Get all the runes? What about farming? Getting ganked-you're saying to fight until there's 3 heroes then retreat? I understand what you mean but to some it may appear so and clarification is needed. Replays - 8/10 Professional replays, what can I say? Just get a self replay >_> Presentation - 9/10 Hmm.. Some parts are too Spartan for me to handle. Too much Sparta, seriously. Extra - 13/15 Well maybe at least one screen can do >_>. Other than that it's very nice. Total – 88/10

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TheRedRoses'/S. Esorde Reht's Pit Lord guide

Skill build - 10/10 Very indepth about mechanics. Well justified. Item build - 18/25 Guinsoo should be put in core. Guinsoo has priority over BoT as Azzie requires intel for better mana regen. BoT comes after Guinsoo for farming across the map. The regen from Guinsoo allows continual spamming. Bottle/Crow just delays your Void Stone. It gets useless later on anyways. Flasks/tangoes can solve the hp regen problem. Heart or Cuirass more important? If Necrobook is gotten it has to be before BoT. BoT is gotten after the first main core item as without the main item, any hero would be not as efficient eg Shadow Fiend. Strategy - 23/30 You shouldn't be spamming Firestorm every wave. You don't have tower killing power like Pugna/Leshrac. Control is more important than pushing. Any hero with an early Hood like BB can go in and last hit np. Or rather any hero with decent regen can do so. Delaying only helps that few seconds much. Your Firestorm owns creeps so fast that creep waves get pwnt in that few seconds which is not enough to nullify the effect. What about farming during mid game? All ganking, pushing, defending? Farming is important, even for Azzie. Replays - 7/10 Well, it shows how Pit Lord should be generally played. Just that it isn't real good cuz of mistakes and such. Presentation - 8/10 meh, I don't like that wall of text at strategy. I think skill details are too detailed. Important points are enough. Extra - 13/15 Well, GJ as Azzie is a severely dissed hero. Perhaps more people would play him after reading this. The screens are good to know about Azzie's spells and what they do. Total - 79/100

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